Best Touring Motorcycles To Buy In 2019

triumph tiger

There are plenty of motorcycles to choose from in this day and age. You can drool over all the Triumph bike pictures we previously posted or you can take your first step into finding your own bike to ride.

To help you weed out those who aren’t worthy of your money or time. We came up with a list of the top touring motorcycles to buy in 2019. Each of these is great and they may differ from each other to suit various rider preferences.


This is a best-seller and there’s no doubt about great it is as a touring motorcycle. This model isn’t a new release in 2019. The mode line was created way back in the 1980s but has been revamped through the years. One of the major makeovers happened in 2017 and many said it has been the best makeover.

You might think that BMW will stop there since it’s already their best seller but alas, they still outdid the 2017 model by making some significant changes. In the 2019 version, the ShiftCam technology has been integrated. This greatly improved cruise control as well as the responsiveness of the bike.

Additionally, updates were also made with brake calipers and the software. The engine was also upgraded into a 1254cc engine. The 50cc upgrade may not seem much but you can feel the power when you go for long rides.

Triumph Tiger 1200

Living up to its name, the Triumph Tiger proves that it is a beast on the road with its 139 hp engine. The 1200cc triple engine is more powerful than ever and you can count on it to perform well on both lower and higher speeds.

Unlike the other motorcycles we mention in this post, the Triumph Tiger is the readiest when it comes to off-road destinations. It comes with 6 riding modes that make it fully capable of going through various terrain.

With the adaptive cornering system used in the LED lights, turning on roads without roadside lamps is made much safer. All in all, the Triumph was made for those who like to cover a lot of distance and likes to explore various terrains.

Kawasaki Versys 1000

One of the lightest motorcycles, this one is very comfortable to ride. It’s packed with a 1000cc engine and although it seems small, it still has a lot of power. The 2019 models come with electronically controlled suspension known as KECS. This enables the bike to be adaptive when it comes to various riding conditions and terrains to make the ride smoother.

Some models come with the Kawasaki Quick Shifter. This enables you to shift your gears up or down without adjusting the clutch. This helps with safety and also improves comfort while riding.

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