The Classic And Modern Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville

There are lots of motorcycles that have been produced through the ages but there are a few iconic ones. Such motorcycles include the Triumph Bonneville. It’s widely popular and it is even been owned by some famous celebrities like Bob Dylan.

While it’s true that the Triumph Bonneville is a respected name in the motorcycle culture it’s not the only reason why many people like them. It may sport a great style but that’s not the only reason why it’s an icon. It is such an iconic motorcycle because of how well it performs even in the past. This helps people feel nostalgic whenever they hear about Bonneville. The name simply equates to a fine motorcycle that’s great to ride.

The Bonnevilles are a great for various serious motorcycle rides like desert races or speed records but you can also use it regularly for errands to town or if you want to go somewhere to relax. Either way, a ride on the Bonneville is a great experience.

There are actually 2 versions of the Bonneville and they are as follows:

The Classic Triumph Bonneville

Tracing back the roots of the first Triumph Bonneville, we end up with the Triumph 500. It was in 1959 that this T110 650 was given another carb for improved performance and that was when the first Bonneville was created. 

The name was targeted for the American consumers and the Americans took the bait. Some owners just can’t help themselves but to ride them in races, chop them and customize for their liking, and do psychedelic paint jobs on them as well. 

The classic Triumph Bonneville, unlike other Italian made motorcycles, seems perfectly fit for the Americans. It may seem perfect and flawless, but there are still some shortcomings that it is known for. Nevertheless, it is still loved and cursed by lots of motorcycle enthusiasts. 

This vintage British motorcycle is a joy to own. Maintaining it can take more out of the owner but it’s all worth the attention. 

The Modern Triumph Bonneville

In 2001, the Triumph Bonneville was reintroduced in the market. With it, motorcycle enthusiasts can’t help but to feel nostalgic about this beauty. Nonetheless, there are also some who feel uneasy about this newer version. 

It is no surprise that this modern Bonneville will be highly compared to it’s classic predecessor. Purists may feel that the modern elements added to it are simply horrible and they aren’t an improvement to the classic. Nevertheless, one thing is clear, the modern Bonneville is still considered as a hit from the first day it was released. 

The Triumph Bonneville falls under the motorcycle typically called “modern classics”. Some prefer also prefer to call them “post-authentic bikes”. No matter what you want to call them, the fact that many already like them. 

Keeping Up With The Times

Motorcycles like modern Bonneville are not just about channeling the past back but they are more of making sure that timeless designs persevere. They are simply a reminder about what motorcycles should be. They act as a standard to which motorcycle manufacturers may deviate to produce even more modern units. 

The current line up for the Triumph Bonneville includes the Street range that has a 900cc tank and the 1200cc range. For the Street range, there is the Street Twin, Street Cup, Street Scrambler and the T100. The 1200cc range, on the other hand, has the Bobber, T120, Thruxton and Speedmaster. 

Those in the 1200cc range may not make you feel nostalgic simply because it isn’t meant to look just like the classic. These are motorcycles that are proud to have the modern parts that they come with. They don’t bother hiding them because these motorcycles are about inspiring motorcycle enthusiasts to be proud of their bike choices. These keep up with the times and they don’t pretend that we’re back in the 1960s. 

These motorcycles really prove that they are well adapted to the modern times due to the modern technology they use. Although it has honored the classic motorcycle, the Bonneville motorcycles of today didn’t get stuck in using the old technology. 

A concrete example is the Bonneville’s 360-degree crank that was a major thing in the classic version. In today’s modern version, the motorcycles sort a 270-degree crank instead because it is better suited for the newer engine. Instead of focusing on old tech, the Bonneville’s of today focus on providing reliability and performance, just like the legacy that the classic model has left. 


The classic Bonneville is undeniably an icon but what is great about the modern Bonneville models is that it doesn’t get stuck to the past. It keeps up with the times and uses various modern technologies to provide good motorcycles. This is just like what they’ve provided the market in the ’60s by using the technologies available back then.

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