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Riding Responsibly During The COVID Pandemic

Believe it or not, no matter how devastating the COVID-19 pandemic is, it still has brought something positive to some industries. Many motorcycle dealers have seen an increase in their sales as many people have opted to buy one for themselves. You may have also bought one for convenience. 

With new motorcycle riders, there is also a greater risk of accidents especially if new owners don’t learn how to ride responsibly. So from us, more experienced bikers to you guys who have just started with your motorcycle riding journey, here are a few tips on how to ride your motorcycle responsibly amidst the pandemic.

Ride When Necessary

We know you love the freedom that you get out of riding a motorcycle. You’d be able to go to various places without using public transport and without buying a car that you may not be able to afford. Plus with lots of people taking public transport due to risk of getting infected, you can expect too much traffic. Motorcycles are smaller and it would be easier to avoid such traffic.

However, if there is really nothing important that you have to do outdoors, then it would be best to just stay home. Refrain from leaving your house when you can just work from home. Not exposing yourself to anything or anyone outdoors is less risky.

We also understand that sometimes, you just need to ride to keep your sanity. That’s fine too as long as you limit your exposure to others. Also practice safety precautions before, during and after riding. 

Create Your Route

Before you take your motorcycle out for a ride, it is best to have a pre-planned route and follow it. Start from your home and create a loop that ends at your home too. It is best to just ride and refrain from socializing.

Be Aware Of Road Hazards

Some roads may be filled with traffic while others may not be. Nevertheless, the road hazards are still there. Riders must be aware of them. Things like surface debris, potholes, wildlife, pedestrians, other vehicles and other motorcycles are just a few of them. Even if the road seems empty, resist the urge to push yourself to your limits. This is not the time to do that. Best be alert at all times. 

Follow Traffic Rules

Empty roads don’t mean you can do anything you want. Road rules still apply and it is best to follow them even if no one is looking. Meeting an accident due to breaking the rules is riskier nowadays because you also expose yourself to the possible presence of the virus in hospitals. Your short ride for sanity’s sake can turn into a nightmare if you get into an accident. 

Practice At Vacant Parking Lots

As a new rider, it is best to practice so you’d be better at riding. You can do this at empty parking lots or even in your driveway. Practice your body positions to better have balance and counterbalance while turning. You should also practice the turning mechanics as well as emergency braking techniques. These will become handy in various situations.

Wear Your Protective Gear

Your helmet with a face shield should be worn at all times. It protects you from accidents because you can’t really tell when it could happen. Even if many people choose to stay at home, there are still people who also use the road outside. 

Don’t Forget About Motorcycle Maintenance

Instead of going out to ride your motorcycle, consider spending some time doing some motorcycle maintenance. This is the key to a long-lasting and safer motorcycle experience. This can keep you busy and keep boredom away. Some of the things you could easily do are to check your oil, clean the carbs, or adjust the chain tensioner. 

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