How To Find The Right Biker Glasses

Man in Protective Gear Sitting on Motorcycle

What are your go-to essentials when riding your motorcycle? Lots will mention helmets, gloves, leather jackets, boots, and sunglasses of course. Simply wearing them gets you excited to go for that ride. 

Yes, you would absolutely look badass in one but it is also meant to protect your eyes and there are many benefits you can get from it. Take a look at your biking glasses. Are you sure they are the right ones for the job? 

Today, we are going to tell you about some of the things you should be looking for when finding biker glasses to buy. This guide will help you not only look at the part but also benefit from your purchase. 

Why Wear Biker Glasses?

Biker glasses look awesome but aside from that, they protect your eyes from various elements on the road. They are your physical protection against dust, insects, or anything that might come flying off when you ride your bike. 

Additionally, they also help make your vision a lot clearer. With that, you’d have a safer ride. Remember that just seconds of not clearly seeing can be fatal. Discomfort could also be a distraction. Best avoid those by using the right biker glasses.

How To Choose Biker Glasses

There are many glasses available. Each of them offers different functions and some combine functions as well. Knowing what they are meant for will help you decide whether they are a great match for your riding style or not. Here are some things to look for:

UV Protection

The sun can look blinding because of the bright light but that is not the only reason to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. UV is also damaging to the eyes. Regular sunglasses may dim the bright light but they will not shield your eyes from UV radiation. Make sure the eyewear you choose efficiently protects against UV light. 

Polarized Lenses

The glare that’s due to the sunlight can make it uncomfortable to see. Polarized lenses are the answer to this problem. No matter what color or how dark your glasses are, if they are not polarized, they will still not help with the glare. 

Comfortable Fit

You should choose glasses that fit comfortably. It shouldn’t be too tight that it gives you a headache. On the contrary, it should also not be too loose that you’d have to always adjust it to keep it in place. 


It is also best to check the materials that the glasses are made of to ensure durability. It should be able to survive even if you accidentally drop it during your journey. The frame plus the lenses should be sturdy enough not to break.


Apart from the eyewear, you would still be wearing a helmet. It is best if the glasses you choose are lightweight. That will prevent your ears and nose from being uncomfortable no matter how long you ride your bike. 

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