Biker Bar For Motorcycle Transport

Biker Bar Clamp Transport

Motorcycles are great to ride and they can efficiently take you from one place to the other. No matter how safe you think you can ride, there are times when you just need to transport them without riding them. In that case, you have to make sure that they are properly secured in the trailer, or else you will risk damaging it. 

The usual way of securing motorcycles on trailers is by using chocks, bolts, or strap systems. However, with these systems, some still find their motorcycles damaged. Some bikes don’t stay strapped in throughout the trip. They need regular tightening. Some also shift and end up getting badly damaged. 

Securing With The Biker Bar 

The use of the Biker Bar is another alternative to securing bicycles on the trailer. It is a mounting technology that’s well loved by Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts. It offers a completely different concept from the usual straps, bolts, or chock systems that were previously used. 

Biker Bar has a patented design and is proudly an American-made product. Currently, they offer four models and most of them fit Harley-Davidson motorcycles really well.

How To Secure Motorcycles With Biker Bar

With Biker Bar, you won’t need to constantly re-tighten the straps. You won’t need to permanently bolt brackets on the bike’s frame either. With it, the frame and suspension system of the bike is used to produce a stable mounting solution. Best of all, it will only take less than a minute to engage or disengage. 

The use of a Biker Bar is also very easy that you don’t even need any tools. You just need your hands. The Biker Bar works with a quick-release and quick-tension clamping bar that is hand operated. It is so easy to use that even a single person can load the motorcycle on the self-locking plate mounted on the trailer. To disengage, there is a foot-operated release that easily dismounts the motorcycle. 

What is amazing about this mounting system is that it also considers the motorcycles suspension system while mounting. When the rider sits on the bike while guiding it to the Biker Bar, the motorcycle will be automatically latched with the suspension system slightly compressed. Even when the rider dismounts, the suspension system will still remain in the slightly compressed state. This doesn’t damage or ruin the motorcycle at all. This creates a firm stance for the motorcycle so it doesn’t shift but stays in place at all times.

Benefits Of Using A Biker Bar

  1. Using a Biker Bar to secure the motorcycle helps prevent damages to the bike. It is also a popular choice for those who want to refrain from bolting brackets permanently on their motorcycle frames. Although this doesn’t greatly affect performance, the negative effect can be seen aesthetically. 
  2. Mounting motorcycles with a Biker Bar is easy to do alone. There are no specialized tools needed and mounting is simple to do. 
  3. The Biker Bar receiving mechanism can be removed when not in use. For people who have trailers not only for the purpose of transporting their motorcycle, this comes handy. There are two bolts that secure the receiving mechanism of the Biker Bar and they can be removed in a few seconds.
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