Signs That You’ve Got A Heart Of A Biker

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Being a biker isn’t about labels. I hate label. Although it’s now a cliche, riding a motorcycle for fun is a way of life.

While it takes a while to get there for many, you can’t fake it, and there are some tell-tale signs that will show you that you’ve got a biker heart.

Keep in mind: There are no strict rules or guidelines on how to be a biker. There’s no dress code and you don’t have to frequent biker bars too if you don’t want to.

Being someone who’s bonded with their bike can be difficult to explain to other people because they just don’t get it. Maybe that is the reason why bikers bond really well with each other and form a brotherhood or sisterhood that’s tight-knit. Bikers have similar characteristics that make them in tune with each other. They all have the heart of a biker and so do you even if you just don’t know it yet or is still confused if you really do. 

Here are signs that you have the heart of a biker:

Your money is spent mostly on motorcycle stuff

Everyone who has a hear of a biker is guilty about this. Whenever you see something related to bikes or being a biker, you get drawn to it and end up spending on them. Whether you passed by a biker accessory shop or when you find some new biker technology online, you get tempted and you eventually give in. You may find the power to resist but that doesn’t change the fact that you’ve already spent a lot on them. 

Most of your photos are of your bike

Taking the most memory out of your phone’s photo folder is your bike. Whether it is a close up photo of your muffler or a full profile photo of your bike, you have it all. You even have multiple photos at every angle. You have photos with your bike or photos with your friends with your bike in the background and you’re not ashamed of it. You’re proud to show off those photos to anyone that will take time to look at them. 

Your life is a road trip

Most of your life is spent on road trips with your bike of course. If you’re not on a road trip, you are still busy planning one or is thinking about the previous escapades you had with it. And of course, you can’t wait for your next road trip with it because it is the thing that makes you the happiest. Whether you’re on the road on your own or with the company of your brotherhood or sisterhood, you enjoy every moment you ride your bike. 

You acknowledge other bikers

Whether you do a wave of the hand or nod your head, you acknowledge other bikers you pass by. Some wonder if bikers do this because bikers know each other and know a lot. However, it’s not really personally knowing them. This greeting is a sign that you are just like them who understand the love for their bikes that not all people understand. 

Motorcycle-themed stuff excites you

Whether it is a tie, a towel, or a baseball cap, if it is motorcycle-themed, you love it. You even take the time to look for them. You simply love everything that is motorcycle-themed or related. You might even want to throw yourself a motorcycle themed party every year. 

The exhaust sound reveals the identity of your friends

You might have an unexpected visitor but by simply hearing the sound of their exhaust, you’ll be able to determine who it is. The purr of their engine is a giveaway for you. Likewise, your biker friends also know it’s you because of the sound your motorcycle makes. 

You happily read books… about motorcycles, that is

Reading a book might seem boring to you but when you find a book about motorcycles, you’ll be willing to read it from cover to cover even at multiple times. Even if it just about motorcycle maintenance, you love it. It can teach you a thing or two about improving your bike so you just want to gobble up all that information. 

You feel genuinely happy with your bike

Nothing can ever replace your bike because it makes you truly happy. Whether your out on the road or doing some modifications, maintenance or repairs, doing something related to your bike makes you happy. You wouldn’t feel complete without it because it doesn’t compare to anything else in this world. 

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