Safety Ts For Newbie And Pro Bikers

motorcycle safety tips

Not to state the obvious, but riding a motorcycle is exciting, thrilling, and JUST a tad more dangerous than walk down the street, or riding in your car.

So stay safe this with some tried and true safety tip that are not only great for beginners but they also serve as a reminder even for pro bikers.

Live a better biker lifestyle with the tips below:

Wear Protective Gear

One of the most common tip you’ll receive is to wear protective gear while riding. These will help cushion your fall and can also help prevent fatal blows to your body. Even if you think you’re a good motorcycle rider, you’ll never know how others drive on the road.

Here are a few examples of protective gear you can wear:

  • Helmet – Wearing a helmet is necessary for a lot of sport and even riding a motorcycle. Blows to the head are dangerous and fatal but helmets can help. There are specially designed helmets for various sports and there are also helmets designed for motorcycle riding.
  • Sturdy Shoes – Wearing sturdy shoes helps protect your feet while you ride. Shifting gears entails the use of your toes so you better have them covered or else risk hurting yourself. Biker shoes protect your feet and they can prevent you from easily slipping off the bike.
  • Armored Jacket – Armored jackets have reinforced material to offer more protection to your body in case you fall. Apart from armored jackets, you can also choose to wear a leather jacket because it also offers some protection from scratches on the road in case you fall.

Follow Traffic Rules

For your safety and for the safety of others, you should always abide by the rules. Obviously, you should stop at red lights and follow the speed limit. It is also advisable to ensure that there is adequate space between other cars and motorcycles.

Consider Weather Conditions

Weather conditions will also affect the smoothness of your ride. Unlike cars, motorcycles are more tricky to balance or control especially when the roads are slippery.

Also, because of the lack of a roof over your head and body, riding in the rain can be a bit painful. If you are inexperienced, it is better to postpone your ride until the weather has cleared up. If you do choose to drive in the rain, be very diligent and careful.

Be Alert

Being alert on the road doesn’t only apply to car drivers, it also applies to motorcycle riders. You should make sure that there are no distractions. Your eyes should be on the road.

Also, make it a habit to look twice to make sure that your path is clear. This is especially true when you are turning or changing lanes.

Condition Your Body For The Ride

Whether you’re going for a long ride or a short ride, you have to make sure your body is ready for it. This means that you shouldn’t drink when you plan to ride. Drunk driving is dangerous and so is drinking and riding your motorcycle.

You should also make sure you aren’t tired. Drowsiness, fatigue, and sleepiness can all delay your reaction and it can affect your presence of mind. Make sure your well rested first.

Prepare Your Motorcycle

Just like preparing yourself, you should also make sure your motorcycle is conditioned for the ride. Regular maintenance of your motorcycle will greatly help make sure that it is always ready but it is safer to check before each ride.

Check for things such as:

  1. Look at the tires and see if there are any obvious signs of wear and tear that could cost them to blowout. Make sure that the air pressure in each wheel is just right.
  2. Make sure there are no leaks. Check your parking spot and see if there are any puddles of gas or oil below the motorcycle. You should also check the level of the other fluids such as the coolants and the hydraulic fluids.
  3. Check your lights and see if they are working. Make them light up and see if they are really functioning. Your lights are lifesavers especially when your riding at night. It makes you more visible to other motorists and you also get to see the road better with them.
  4. Double check your throttle and clutch to see if they are running smoothly.
  5. Check your brakes and see if they feel firm or flimsy. They should be able to fully stop your vehicle.
  6. Don’t forget to test your horn too.

Know Your Limits

When riding a motorcycle, make sure you choose one that you know you can handle. It is very important to test a motorcycle first so you can determine if its best for you. Furthermore, you should also ride your own bike because you are already familiar with how it rides. It’s your baby and you are confident that you can control it.

Be An Educated Rider

As a motorcycle rider, you have to have a license. In order to get one, you should have a set of skills that you can learn by taking the local motorcycle safety class. Take all of what you learned with you whenever you ride.

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