Five Signs You Are Living a Biker Lifestyle

The Biker's Bike

They say there is a huge difference between owning a motorcycle and being a biker. Many people own motorcycles. They may ride them around town a few times a month, when they are in the mood. They may even have an interest in fixing up the bike if there is an issue.

But it does not make them a biker. So what are some signs that tell you that you are living the biker lifestyle?

  1. Loving Your Bike

It is one thing to own a motorcycle and enjoy riding it. But when you are up all night because you are worried about an issue on your bike, it is another matter. When you care more about the well-being of your bike than your friends, it is a sign you love your bike! If you would prioritize your bike over a relationship, it is a sure sign that you are living the biker lifestyle!

  1. Sharing is Not Caring

Those who are true bikers know that you do not go up to someone and ask them if you can test their bike. Even if it is your friend. And you sure do not like anyone else testing your bike either. It is your bike – your pride and joy. Only you get to ride your bike. And maybe your spouse if she asks nicely! But you are certainly not in the mood to let a stranger mess around on your bike.

  1. Biker Gatherings Excite You for Days

If you are counting down the days to the weekend, because there is a big gathering of your biker club, then you are living the lifestyle. Being in a motorcycle club is a truly life changing experience. The longer you are in the club, the better you form a bond with everyone else. It becomes a true brotherhood, where everyone looks out for each other. And if you find that you are ditching other plans to attend biker events, then you are 100 percent living the lifestyle!

  1. Life is the Space In Between Road Trips

There are those who go on road trips one or two times a year. It is a special event they enjoy every once in a while. Then you have bikers. A road trip for a biker is a way of life. It is a purpose. These trips are they use to tell what time of the year it is!

When you are living the biker lifestyle, your life is the space in between road trips. You just took a trip to a neighboring city last weekend. And now the entire group is heading for a trip on Saturday. All you want to do is get through the week till that day!

  1. When You Ride for the Sake of It

A motorcycle is not just a mode of transportation. It is an experience and a way of life. Maybe you are bored at 6pm on a weekday evening. Your spouse is preparing dinner and you suddenly mention that you want to run to the store. You know there is nothing pressing to buy, yet you come up with the excuse so you can take out your bike! A quick 30-minute ride around town makes you feel so much better. That is a sure sign you are living the biker lifestyle!

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