5 Tips To Riding With The Pack


Riding your Triumph Bonneville is good fun, but for most rider the biggest thrill when you share your ride with good friends.

Group riding is common, especially if you’ve already built a community of riders in your locality. If you just began to socialize with other bikers and are gearing up for a group ride, here are a few tips so the group can better enjoy themselves with the experience.

Tip #1: Prepare Your Bikes For The Ride

Before you meet up with the group, make sure the bikes are ready. Make sure it has a tank full of fuel and you may even have it serviced to make sure there are no issues. Also get yourself ready by getting all you need, applying sunscreen if you need to or going for a bathroom break before the ride.

Tip #2: Properly Position Yourself In The Group

Most less experienced riders position themselves near the leader while more experienced once will take the lead or be at the running sweep. Make sure you follow the position and formation. The more experienced riders help control the group and are better at adjusting their pace if necessary.

Tip #3: Ride At A Comfortable Pace

Different riders are comfortable riding at different speeds. Even if you are riding with a group, make sure you only go as fast as you are comfortable. In case the group is riding in such a fast pace that you aren’t comfortable with, you can drop out of the group by informing the sweep rider. It is better to be safe rather than to speed up and potentially hurt yourself.

Tip #4: Fixating On A Motorcycle In Front Of You Should Never Be Done

As with driving a vehicle, fixating on a motorcycle in front of you can cause safety issues. You know where the group is going that’s why you can look ahead. Keep your eyes on the road and ride just like you would ride safely on your own.

Tip #5: Distance Yourself From Other Riders

Even if you are riding as a group, there should be a distance between the vehicles so that you and the others have time to react when something happens. If you are going for a tight group formation, consider the staggered formation.

This gives enough room for each rider to move from side to side if needed. Side by side formation should be avoided and if your bikes are bigger, then the space for each biker should also be bigger.

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