Biker Bar Survival Tips

biker bar

In a previous post, we’ve given you a few safety tips that both newbie and pro bikers can use while on the road, but today we’ll be giving you survival tips on crossing the threshold into a biker bar.

While pubs in the UK can get a bit rough in certain areas and times, biker bars in the United States have the reputation for having customers with intense attitudes and short fuses.

Although there is still an aroma of fear, especially among the public or newbie bikers. For clarification purposes, the biker bars we’re going to talk about here are the bars that are frequented by bikers but are still open to the public.

This is to differentiate it from the other biker bars that are within a clubhouse. In that case, only members are welcomed in the bar. Additionally, those who are invited or accompanied by members are the only ones who get access to the bar.

With that cleared up, let’s begin with the tips

Tip 1: Respect

Respect is very important. Even if it seems bikers are foul-mouthed brutes, most can keep their cool especially when they see that you’re not disrespectful. Don’t try to act tough by disrespecting anyone especially your bartender. Bikers can sense if the bartender can’t stand you and they will do something about it.

Tip 2: Watch Your Bartender

Bartenders are likely to know the bikers who tend to be on the more intense side. Watch out for signs of discomfort, nervousness, or fear from the bartender when a group of bikers comes in. If you see any of those signs, consider paying your tab immediately and leave.

Remember that not all bikers are disrespectful. Some are even friendly to outsiders. It would also be helpful to ask locals or your bartender.

Tip 3: Stop Assuming That A Biker Is Going To Hurt You

It’s understandable that you might feel nervous about bikers but remember that they won’t attack you for no reason at all. If you act too tough, they can mess with you. If you look too scared, they’d also mess with you not because they want to bully you but because being senselessly scared is an insult to them.

Just act cool and normal. It’s okay to look fearful when there is tension going on but not when they just entered the bar and found their seat. Go back to the second tip, if your bartender isn’t nervous at the sight of bikers, there’s no need to panic.

Tip 4: Don’t Overdress

Being a biker is a lifestyle. That means you don’t just choose your clothes because you plan to go to a biker bar. Wear what you usually wear when you ride. Different bikers have different styles.

Tip 5: Talk To Other People

Whether it be bikers or not, you should still talk to them especially when you share a table with them. It’s okay to make conversations but just leave politics out. Politics can be a hot topic for anyone and bikers are no exemption to that.

Be honest when you talk. Don’t hate on things just to try to impress bikers. They have different opinions on different subjects. For example, some don’t like the show Sons of Anarchy but some of them can relate to it.

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