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Del Valley Triumph Sean

Welcome to the website for the Triumph Motorcycle Club in Del Valle, Texas!  Founded by Sean Dutton, an Englishman who now calls the Del Valley area home, the Triumph Motorcycle Club has aspirations (and is well on the way to being) the most welcoming toward new members.

While riding the many miles of gorgeous Texas country-side is breatakingly fun, our goal is to create an atmosphere where everyone can have a wonderful time riding their bikes, making friends and exploring the Texas countryside.

A Little About Sean

Originally from a little town called Rye in East Sussex, Sean personifies the spirit and passion of everyone within the club. If you ever see him around town, you will notice that he is riding his 2012 Triumph Bonneville T100. The hills of Southeast Texas are the perfect place for long bike rides, especially if you are riding in the group. The club loves to take a major ride around the area at least a couple times a month – sometimes once a week! It is one of the great joys in life, which we enjoy throughout the year.

Rain or shine, we will be riding!

How would we describe the spirit of the group? It is about cherishing every day, enjoying ourselves, experiencing the wonderful Texas countryside, touring wineries and making new friends around the state. There are so many great bars and other establishments in the area that we like to frequent too.

Most bar owners in Del Valley would tell you they have met us multiple times. And they all have positive experiences from those meetings!

Thinking about joining a motorcycle club?

Really the only requirement is for membership is #1) You pay the very cheap dues and #2) You have a Triumph motorcycle.  We’ve thought about opening it up to other types of motorcycles, but hey:  we’re a Triumph fan club after all.

Keep an eye out for a list of upcoming events on the site. If you are in town during one of those events, be sure to come by and meet us.



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